OUR VISION Is To Save Talents Wherever It Dwells And Make Them A Success Story Because Talents Are The Economic Future Of Any Nation, As Well As In The World. When Talents Succeeds, Poverty And Starvation Will Be Eliminated. We couldn’t forget the vulnerable among us. This includes the Less Privileged, widows, motherless/fatherless Babies, those in crisis environment. 

Charities that help poverty





Videos of Easter Gift Distributed to Beneficiaries


support those who are in a blink of poverty, they want to get on with little support you are able to render. At Frugal, we will make sure your contribution get to those who needs it most

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Majek Fashek endorsing Frugal Empowerment Foundation in London, United Kingdom.
Majeck said ”my dream is fulfilling when I see the wonderful work this Charity Foundation is doing in the lives our people, I’ m 100% in it”