FRUGAL FOUNDATION Launches her first CARING SATURDAY’S event at Royal Greenwich, London, UK to support the homeless victims this Christmas.
The video on the link https://youtu.be/a9GLEEbgHRw

The event held on the 21sth December 2019.
One of the homeless beneficiary appreciating the foundation efforts said “we are happy today as you remembered us, as many will looked at us and walked away, but you are here giving us gifts, stipends and helping us to raised funds from the public”.

Frugal Founder Mr Peter Osezua, with his deep compassion asking others to care for the homeless. He said “we knew Government have a provision for the vulnerable including the homeless, but there are loopholes in the system where someone can still be a victim of homelessness in our community. Until we realised this, our compassion and support for the homeless can only be minimal. I was a victim Mr Peter said”.

This foundation is currently running campaigns in the UK to create awareness to the public that there are genuine homeless victims in our communities today who desperately need our help. We urged the public not to ignore them, but support them whichever way they can.

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