As the world is passing through challenges with the effects of Coronavirus killing victims and millions of families facing difficulties and uncertainty, authorities shorting down big cooperations for public safety,

our concerned is the vulnerable living among us, these includes the Elderly, those with critical health conduction, the homeless, the unemployed, the illegal migrants who may have in one way or the other have the means of indirect incomes, those whose jobs is currently at stake right now and those who are losing their jobs daily, families who are losing their loved ones right now most of whom where the bread winners in their households, the self employed whose jobs are been forced to closed

This is a crises we think must not ignored or leave only Government to deal with.

this is why we are doing everything we can to support these vulnerable groups

we knew movements this period is restricted in some areas but we are trying the best we could to to support these victims of COVID-19

We are currently supporting vulnerable friends, families in London UK and in Nigeria with the little support we could and providing with basic household materials to enable them go through this challenging period


we understand how boring and difficult it might for those who has been told to stay home as a result of this crisis and this is what some of us are not use to and have to now enchanter in our lives time

adapting to these few methods and ways of live is difficult but we know if we try, we can do it and make the most success out of it. Therefore we encouraging those who are working from home to take their jobs very seriously by engagement, as this might help their metal state of minds and for those who might be idle with nothing to do, to try as much as possible to engage yourself with one or two activities that might help relief their idleness.


Frugal Foundation is setting up an online campaign with musical and other entertainment show on Frugal YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC25xIg1JPxHRHA6pqmfZ0Vg) that will enable us engaging with those who are affected by this crisis.

We encourage people to call in and share their experience, opinions, ideas and make fun of their day.

2 thoughts on “Covid-19

  1. Hello Dear,

    We are ngo Rainbow generation, in africa, cape verde, island of Santiago, Praia.

    Right now cape verde is facing lockdown, because of cases of covid19.
    But we are poor country, and people are already sufering with the effects.

    We have here vulnerable families, with no financial condition to buy something to eat.

    Families that surviving working day by day to have something to eat.

    That is the reason we create “4Good Kriol” a plataform to help them. But we need help from everybody. We need to help this people, we dont need alot, just enough to have more them 1000 basic food basket.

    We know, the situation is global, but we believe in SINERGY and UBUNTU. So we are faithful you guys can read this email and helps us.

    Thank you in advance for your attention. And sorry for my rusty english, we are portuguese speaker.

    Best regards,
    Vanilce Veiga
    Ceo Rainbow Generation
    Coordinator of 4 Good Kriol
    Contact +2385980395(whatsap)

    1. Hello Vanilce,
      Thank you for this information
      I wish we could help. At the moment, we have a high volume of beneficiaries at our various projects we currently are working on during this pandemic.

      We are deeply sorry, as we are not able to help at the moment

      Wishing you best of luck in search for fund

      Best regards

      FEF Admin

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