Mrs Aroloye A widow who urgently needs your help


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Mrs Oluwaseunfunmi Aroloye she is a widow with two (2) children, she was a private school teacher with ten thousand naira (#10,000) earnings per month, which is almost less than £20. This was before the pandemic crisis began.

Now she been asked to stay home with nothing to cater for herself and family. And she is under medical condition (hypotensive)

Her landlord want to evict her from home because she is unable to pay her rent and with nothing to do she is urgently pleading for help so she can pay her bills, work and provide for her family.

As a foundation, we knew providing for her feeding will not really substain her for too long therefore a need to support her on business training and establish a small scale business for her to provide for her family

We are hoping, if this campaign could support her with £1000 will enable us to pay her bills, provide training and establish business for her.

Kindly watch the video attached for more info

Thank you
Frugal Empowerment Foundation team

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