Vulnerable’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) at Daudu Camp, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, has been aided today by the FRUGAL EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION

Those who are dear to our heart, who believed in the nation we can build together, where the vulnerable are care for, loved and empowered to succeed. The Frugal Benue State Team has proofed that today

Women’s hair plated
Children’s hair Barbered
Vaseline making trainings offered

We are rest assured, they will not lack body cream this dried and hot season

there is room to support this project here
Thanks for continues support

We are doing our best with the collective efforts of those who share the plight of these crisis victims at Various IDP Camps in Borno State. To provide them a temporary education. We believed these kids should not be left out despite their current situation that they have driven from their homeland and as result of th Boko Haram insurgency in their state.

This Season between “December and March” known as Harmattan season, which is usually the coldest weather in the northern part of Nigeria, means that these innocent children may even have to suffer more if nothing is done to assist them as many do not have clothes, shoes and other materials to sustain them during this season

we are asking the government and its agencies, corporate bodies, individuals like you to please assist, so we are able to provide the basic support for these kids as we have always been doing.


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There following is items mostly require

•Duvets •Jackets• Tick shirts & Trousers •shoes •school Books, Rulers, Pencils •School Tables •Volunteer teachers.

whatever you contribute in this efforts, will enable us to do more for them and evidence will the show to you here on our website and across social media.
We can also provide evidence base on your request

On behalf of the Founder, Trustees of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation, we wish you all merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

this year of course as you knows, has been a tremendous and remarkable achievements on our side.
but we wouldn’t be able to do this without your support (the great donors of the FEF) and those who promote our activities daily.
we are grateful for your supports and contributions .
please note:we will be publishing our achievements for this year 2018 by 2nd of January 2020.

FRUGAL FOUNDATION Launches her first CARING SATURDAY’S event at Royal Greenwich, London, UK to support the homeless victims this Christmas.
The video on the link

The event held on the 21sth December 2019.
One of the homeless beneficiary appreciating the foundation efforts said “we are happy today as you remembered us, as many will looked at us and walked away, but you are here giving us gifts, stipends and helping us to raised funds from the public”.

Frugal Founder Mr Peter Osezua, with his deep compassion asking others to care for the homeless. He said “we knew Government have a provision for the vulnerable including the homeless, but there are loopholes in the system where someone can still be a victim of homelessness in our community. Until we realised this, our compassion and support for the homeless can only be minimal. I was a victim Mr Peter said”.

This foundation is currently running campaigns in the UK to create awareness to the public that there are genuine homeless victims in our communities today who desperately need our help. We urged the public not to ignore them, but support them whichever way they can.

Up to 10,000 lives have been touched positively this November 2019 at Daudu IDP Camp Makurdi, Benue State and Hill Station JOS, Plateau State Nigeria. Event sponsored by the Frugal Empowerment Foundation

we are determined to work with those who touched to end poverty in the world today. with combined effects, we can make the world a better place

An artist empowered by the Frugal Empowerment Foundation through his musical talent changing the lives of the vulnerable daily.
the need for the world to unit as one people as Femty major musical campaign

Artist Femty, was identified by Frugal Foundation on the first Caring Saturday’s event held at Daudu IDP camp, Makurdi Benue State. On the 19th January 2018. On his musical performance song titled Cry & Boko.

Today, Femty has be signed in as Frugal Foundation artist.
his popular song title is Xenophobia

List of his musical tracks


2.Caring Saturday’s



We are currently campaigning to support the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) at Barki-Ladi, Plateau and Daudu Camp Benue States Nigeria. Our target is to cater for 10,000 of these crisis victims this November 17th and 23rd 2019.

We are aiding them with food, clothes, school materials etc and providing them with various vocational trainings like Tailoring, Soap Making, Catering etc. to enable them provide for themselves going forward.

We are therefore calling on those who are touched or who share their plight to support our efforts to reach out to these needy this November

Support the IDP

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