Wala Waja people’s cry, has touched our heart, therefore, we are going to show them love, care and support this September 26th 2020. up to 2000 less privilege to catered for, with the support of individual donors who has always been the backbone of this foundation. we are currently appealing to corporate organisations, Government agencies to see what we do daily to meet the need of those in critical situation economically across various communities who are in desperate need of our help


Today, the 22nd February 2020, we hosted Caring Saturday’s event in London. Our Mums and Dads are happy once again and appreciated FEF initiative .

Time Court Residential and Nursing Home
Woodland Terrace, London, Charlton, London Borough of Greenwich with the aim to show the Elderlies care, love and happiness.
There will be music, dancing, story telling and other entertainment. Event starts at 14:30 prompt.

Upcoming Caring Saturday’s event at London, Borough of Greenwich April 25th 2020

Frugal Foundation Launched her first Caring Saturday’s event in the UK on the 21 December 2019 to aid to homeless people at Royal Greenwich.

Beneficiary testified

watch the recent Caring Saturday’s event at Daudu camp where up to 10,000 less privilege benefited (23/11/2019)

building on our community work in Greenwich, our project is running a series of Caring Saturday’s events to enable communities to come together and engage with and support local homeless/vulnerable people.

The latter will be offered a change of clothes and haircut, and all will have the opportunity to share their stories, and with them, we will consider we could offer them support including help with job hunting; considering training and/or volunteering options; identifying their existing skills, strengths and abilities, and how this could share to benefit the community (e.g. Storytelling, Art, Catering, Gardening, DIY).

Relevant government agencies, Charities, and community groups will be invited to the event to explain their services and explore with the vulnerable groups how they can best be supported. In Greenwich, Households placed in temporary accommodation has risen by 172% in the past four year which is really our major concern.

Expected Project outcomes

our expected outcome of this project are

A) opportunity for the vulnerable people to open up about their problems and concerns in an informal friendly environment

B) Community members deciding to volunteer to support these groups

C) All community members feeling empowered , with increase wellbeing and motivation to increase their prospects.


Our budget includes entertainers, refreshment, clothing , hairdressing and haircut, and volunteer and event expenses. this project among others, will teach us how we can achieve these outcomes, and motivate greater community engagement, interest our plans here in the UK. so we can also include the cost of hiring a professional to draw on our experience and develop a business plan to chat our way forward for the coming months and years.

we as usual, will promote involvement via service providers, community members, local/social media, publicity materials, website, presentation at meetings, incentivising homeless/vulnerable people to participate with the offer of a plate of food, haircut and a change of clothes, referring to specialist support where the need is identified

Sponsor’s Benefit

We think this project will meet your First Priority as we will be promoting participation in the events to all sections of the community in Greenwich, including those who are homeless/vulnerable. we will identify in different voluntary roles. for example; Helping to organised the events, championing the events, consulting homeless/vulnerable people, catering, waiting, running training, sessions, mentoring.

Through working together as a team – which will grow with event – community members from all backgrounds will bond where previously they would have thought they have nothing in common.

Also, your third priority applies in volunteering in our Caring Saturday’s team many people will discover new abilities and interest and gain renewed self-confident and motivation to become more engaged in their community, and in some case brush up some skills or develop new skills. With homeless people, this could lead to the first step towards wellbeing, housing, employment and improve prospects


This project is open to everyone and isn’t aimed at a specific group of people[waiting name=”Next Caring Saturday”]


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We are gearing up for the November 17th and 23rd 2019 Caring Saturday’s at Hill Station Hotel Conference Hall, Plateau, and at Daudu IDP Camp, Makurdi, Benue State.

we are preparing to make this humanitarian event,  a historic one. We cannot hold this event without the support from donors and other agencies. Please join us and let get this done once more.

These people are passing through a lot of sufferings and pains as they were displaced from their ancestral homes as the result of the Herdsmen crisis in their state.

Let show them love, care and support they desperately need from us right now

CARING SATURDAY’S at Daudu IDP Camp, Makudi, Benue State and at Zang Commercial Secondary School Plateau State.  Nigeria. Up to 8500 & 5000 less privileged to be fed and gift to. Coming up on this  30th March 2019

Download the Caring Saturday’s Calendar here CARING SATURDAY’S CALENDAR 2018 TO 2022

We have organised this event here before, the crisis at this IDP Camp (Daudu) has grown to a grovelling state. There are up to 8500 people living in this IDP camp and we received a call from the camp leader that more IDPs are still expected to join them by the end of March  2019. Similar situation at Plateau State which is why we are holding the events (Caring Saturday’s) again at these locations , to target up to 8500 and 5000  Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)

there is no adequate food to be fed on here, no medical facilities, no schools for up to 4200 children who are innocently affected by these crisis living in this camp.

Though, we have been of help to them with the little we can support with and with the help of our donors both home and abroad by providing them with foods, clothes, shoes and other materials. We have Organized a team of Volunteers to support these children educationally. Every Saturday, our (FEF) Volunteers offers them studies there at the camp and we are also working in partnership other local schools accommodate these children in their schools. The task is huge as we cannot do it alone which is why we need your help of any amount ($,£,€,¥,#) to save lives in the crisis area especially the little children.

Thanks for your anticipated support

Caring Saturday’s at Benue state was a huge success as up to 5700 Less Privileged IDPs were fed and gifted. Thanks to donors/supporters who made this event a successful one. Please we yearn for your continues supports to enable us substain this live saving event 


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Have you been looking for a platform or an avenue to support the less privileged, the vulnerable but you do not know how to go about it? Well, here is an opportunity for you to let the world know that you actually care for the needy, to express yourself by way of giving, showing kindness and generosity to those who desperately need such help!
Frugal Empowerment Foundation is creating such platform  for you to display such meek of kindness through our special charity initiative called the “CARING SATURDAY’s”. This initiatives involves a feeding programme where the extremely economic vulnerable are fed with nourished cooked food and also an express opportunity  to support financially and materially, these category of people who lacks the basic necessities of life. They are the needy or the very vulnerable such initiative is designed for.
On the event day, Beneficiaries gathers at a designated location where these items will be distributed to them. The items ranges from clothes, shoes, books, stationary, beverages, utensils, foodstuff, toiletries, etc to cash.
Another significant aspect of the “Caring Saturday” is that talents are given the opportunity to showcase their respective skills and successful ones be will enlisted into various Frugal Categories of  empowerment initiative for further assistance and promotion of their talent.
Please, kindly support us to lift the living condition of the the less privileged and to show to them that we care
We cannot do it alone. We need your support. So, do not miss out on this privilege of body and soul willing gesture. Be a part of the rescue mission and you will be mightily and divinely touched as well. We will appreciate whatever contribution you are able to make.


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