Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!. As you are joining us to make this progress of building a profound nation daily. We can testify that the lives of the less privileged is gradually be recognised in our community and they are so much happy and courageous with platform such as Frugal Empowerment Foundation, their dreams of becoming successful in life is certain. Thank you once again our great supporters for your live saving contributions.

Vulnerable’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) at Daudu Camp, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, has been aided today by the FRUGAL EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION

Those who are dear to our heart, who believed in the nation we can build together, where the vulnerable are care for, loved and empowered to succeed. The Frugal Benue State Team has proofed that today

Women’s hair plated
Children’s hair Barbered
Vaseline making trainings offered

We are rest assured, they will not lack body cream this dried and hot season

there is room to support this project here
Thanks for continues support

We are doing our best with the collective efforts of those who share the plight of these crisis victims at Various IDP Camps in Borno State. To provide them a temporary education. We believed these kids should not be left out despite their current situation that they have driven from their homeland and as result of th Boko Haram insurgency in their state.

This Season between “December and March” known as Harmattan season, which is usually the coldest weather in the northern part of Nigeria, means that these innocent children may even have to suffer more if nothing is done to assist them as many do not have clothes, shoes and other materials to sustain them during this season

we are asking the government and its agencies, corporate bodies, individuals like you to please assist, so we are able to provide the basic support for these kids as we have always been doing.


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There following is items mostly require

•Duvets •Jackets• Tick shirts & Trousers •shoes •school Books, Rulers, Pencils •School Tables •Volunteer teachers.

whatever you contribute in this efforts, will enable us to do more for them and evidence will the show to you here on our website and across social media.
We can also provide evidence base on your request