when all hope is almost lost, see how Frugal Empowerment Foundation is reviving the lives of the less privileged, especially the Internally Displays Persons as a way to compliment the efforts of governments and rebuild falling nations.

As love, have no boundaries, we remembered those in Greece who are victims of homelessness.
Knowing they are desperately in need of help right now.

FEF Founder Mr Peter Osezua added “As love unit people without boundaries, so our need to support the less privileged is, our mission makes us sees the people of this world as one family”.

Day after day, our dreams of building a profound nation is becoming a reality. The Frugal Empowerment Foundation does not belong to a man, rather it belongs to those who sees the sufferings of others and do anything to change their situation for good. Our unlimited appreciations goes to our great sponsors who together we are making history daily. More details  of our sponsors is coming out soon. Know more about us at https://www.frugalempowermentfoundation.org/who-we-are/

We are doing our best with the collective efforts of those who share the plight of these crisis victims at Various IDP Camps in Borno State. To provide them a temporary education. We believed these kids should not be left out despite their current situation that they have driven from their homeland and as result of th Boko Haram insurgency in their state.

This Season between “December and March” known as Harmattan season, which is usually the coldest weather in the northern part of Nigeria, means that these innocent children may even have to suffer more if nothing is done to assist them as many do not have clothes, shoes and other materials to sustain them during this season

we are asking the government and its agencies, corporate bodies, individuals like you to please assist, so we are able to provide the basic support for these kids as we have always been doing.


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There following is items mostly require

•Duvets •Jackets• Tick shirts & Trousers •shoes •school Books, Rulers, Pencils •School Tables •Volunteer teachers.

whatever you contribute in this efforts, will enable us to do more for them and evidence will the show to you here on our website and across social media.
We can also provide evidence base on your request

“We are setting a better part for the kids”, as Frugal Empowerment Foundation launched a Free Education at various  IDP camps in Nigeria, Benue, Plateau and Borno States.

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Donation Total: £5.00

The Founder Mr Peter said “it gauge my heart to see kids upon which  our future lice suffer this way”.

We are trying our best daily but we cannot do this alone, which is why we are calling on individuals, organisations, Governments and their Agencies for help. Please save a child’s live  today by making a contribution of any amount .


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Donation Total: £5.00

Help, save the lives of the IDP kids, now raining season is eminent, these kids have no clothes, shoes to wear, except someone like you Provides for them they cannot survive especially this season knowing it will rain heavily at Benue State Nigeria, floods will rein their camps. We are trying our best daily to provide their needs. As the task is huge, we cannot do it alone, that is why we are reaching out soliciting for your help. Whatever you contribute will go a long way of saving this kids who innocently find themselves in the midst of Crisis.


Good afternoon. Please do not forget the CARING SATURDAY’s coming this week saturday the 28th of July 2018. At the Frugal Ekpoma Branch. Edo State. This day we appeal to those who have gift 🎁 for the poor to bring along and to those who have nothing to live on to come and receive. For more info please contact frugal on +447460433399.
You can also leave your gift at our UK branch

1c Woolwich New Road
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Thanks for your generosity


 Mrs Deborah Osagie Discharged From the hospital with the help of Frugal Empowerment Foundation 

thanks to donors who make this possible

How to help poor people Helping poor and needy people How to help the poor in your community  

Good news! £281 raised ,  Mrs Deborah Osagie with her Baby has been discharged from the hospital.

we wouldn’t do this without you(Donors) 

We thanks all those who showed their supports in making this posible. 

most especially the UK desporians,  People in her community and those who make their verious contributions from other part of the world. We are grateful for all your supports.

What Next? is to make sure, we continue to support Mrs Deborah through every means to enable her look after her child Baby Godwin. At Frugal Foundation, we do not feed and go but we empowered to enable beneficiaries get on with their lives

What we want to do next? The good news is that we discovered Mrs Deborah still have  younger sister who has been showing physical supports but was unable to do much due to her financial constraints. We believed if we able to raise little funds for her to enable her start up a little business with the help of her sister, she will be fine. This means, with this business mrs Deborah will be able to provide for herself as well as Baby Godwin. 

To our findings, mrs Deborah said with #240,000 (Eq: £500) will enable her sect up a little provision business. We also suggested if we construct a Well where customers are able to come and  buy a water through her will also be good because in her village only few residents has access to sell water especially during dry season. We knew constructing a Well cost quite a lot of money, but we have informed the Well constructor to come and give an estimate and when we have this information, we will pass it across to you.

For this reason, The Frugal Founder “Mr Peter Osezua will be Live on Facebook this Saturday 21st of July 2018 with fellow Trustees to conduct a fundraising program to generate funds for this course.

Please join us for this campaign. Whatever you are able to contribute for this disable sister will be much appreciated.

If you want to volunteer to raise fund for this lady please to not hesitate to let us know. 

Thanks for your generosity 


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for those who are not aware, this is an opportunity to contribute once again

more about Mrs Deborah on the link https://www.frugalempowermentfoundation.org/mrs-beborah-osajie-fundraising/



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Our Volunteers passionately share with our dreams, objectives of helping the poor. They believe in the basic tenets of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation of integrity, love, relationship, loyalty and sharing. they are our ready hands who are willing to sacrifice their time, resources, comfort in the pursuance of this noble objectives by assisting to organize events as the need arises and helping to co-ordinate the activity of the foundation in pursuance of achieving goals.







We work hard to protect Talents as well as the vulnerable well-being and fight for better services to them. But this wouldn’t be possible without your support. Find out more about our campaigns and how to join the fight today. We’re working to make sure existing Talents understand what they are currently entitled to, and that more people are aware of the benefit rewarded on innovation, creativity for the best Talent.  And we continue to campaign to make sure everybody in our society understand the important of Talented people and to make sure they support them whichever way they can because the success of our societies depends on how much we support these these vulnerable who has creative and innovative talents in them, so that through the work of their creativity and innovations,  companies and factories cab be build in them where thousands of people can be opportune to work and earn a better income for a better live. Please click on the link to join our campaign and complete the contact form provided to join our campaign 


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Working in partnership with us can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping to raise vital funds to fight and save lives of vulnerable in our midst and to the dying Talents. Saving lives/talents means expanding your business circle where enormous opportunity dwells.

to partner with us please email us at  info@frugalempowermentfoundation.org