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As the world is passing through challenges with the effects of Coronavirus killing victims and millions of families facing difficulties and uncertainty, authorities shorting down big cooperations for public safety,

our concerned is the vulnerable living among us, these includes the Elderly, those with critical health conduction, the homeless, the unemployed, the illegal migrants who may have in one way or the other have the means of indirect incomes, those whose jobs is currently at stake right now and those who are losing their jobs daily, families who are losing their loved ones right now most of whom where the bread winners in their households, the self employed whose jobs are been forced to closed

This is a crises we think must not ignored or leave only Government to deal with.

this is why we are doing everything we can to support these vulnerable groups

we knew movements this period is restricted in some areas but we are trying the best we could to to support these victims of COVID-19

We are currently supporting vulnerable friends, families in London UK and in Nigeria with the little support we could and providing with basic household materials to enable them go through this challenging period


we understand how boring and difficult it might for those who has been told to stay home as a result of this crisis and this is what some of us are not use to and have to now enchanter in our lives time

adapting to these few methods and ways of live is difficult but we know if we try, we can do it and make the most success out of it. Therefore we encouraging those who are working from home to take their jobs very seriously by engagement, as this might help their metal state of minds and for those who might be idle with nothing to do, to try as much as possible to engage yourself with one or two activities that might help relief their idleness.


Frugal Foundation is setting up an online campaign with musical and other entertainment show on Frugal YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC25xIg1JPxHRHA6pqmfZ0Vg) that will enable us engaging with those who are affected by this crisis.

We encourage people to call in and share their experience, opinions, ideas and make fun of their day.

Urgent need of your help, as the people of Borno State suffers the worst displacement in centuries.
at Doro Baga Camp, Maiduguri, Nigeria. Up to 1500 people including children are leaving in this camp without home or shelter. we have been contracted by Local NGO “Hope 360 Initative For Peace” to help and we could not fully assured them because of the enormous projects we are currently engaging in across 8 states in Nigeria. but we promised we will try our best by asking our supporters for support

£21 we enable us to provide a temporary shelter for these crisis victims who has been displaced by Terrorist known as Boko Haram

Our major concern is that, rainy season is imminent and therefore will be almost becomes impossible to many of them to survive it with condition such as no sheltter.

No matter small or big is your support, will go a long way.

Please help

Shelter For Doro Baga IDPs

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when all hope is almost lost, see how Frugal Empowerment Foundation is reviving the lives of the less privileged, especially the Internally Displays Persons as a way to compliment the efforts of governments and rebuild falling nations.

We are working hard daily to bring people together as one community so that they can be able to look beyond their differences and achieve greater things for the benefit of theirs and generations to come.

thanks to Frugal Foundation Founder. Mr Peter Osezua and fellow Trustees for their nation building ideas

As love, have no boundaries, we remembered those in Greece who are victims of homelessness.
Knowing they are desperately in need of help right now.

FEF Founder Mr Peter Osezua added “As love unit people without boundaries, so our need to support the less privileged is, our mission makes us sees the people of this world as one family”.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!. As you are joining us to make this progress of building a profound nation daily. We can testify that the lives of the less privileged is gradually be recognised in our community and they are so much happy and courageous with platform such as Frugal Empowerment Foundation, their dreams of becoming successful in life is certain. Thank you once again our great supporters for your live saving contributions.

Today, the 22nd February 2020, we hosted Caring Saturday’s event at 

Time Court Residential and Nursing HomeWoodland Terrace, London, Charlton, London Borough of Greenwich with the aim to show the Elderlies  care, love and happiness. 

What a historic day once again. The UK CARING SATURDAYS event aimed to care for the Elderlies in the Royal Greenwich, London. United Kindom

Frugal Foundation founder Mr Peter Osezua quoted
“we cannot afford to turned a blind eye on our parents who has sacrificed so much for us and for this great country known as Great Britain, so the reason why we are here, that we could show how much we loved and willing to care for you, our great heroes”. Thank you mum and Dads

Our unlimited thanks to our sponsors, members, volunteers and fans of the FEF for this achievement

——————————————————————-There will be music, dancing, story telling and other entertainment. Event starts at 14:30 prompt.