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Our Volunteers passionately share with our dreams, objectives of helping the poor. They believe in the basic tenets of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation of integrity, love, relationship, loyalty and sharing. they are our ready hands who are willing to sacrifice their time, resources, comfort in the pursuance of this noble objectives by assisting to organize events as the need arises. For example: When doing a road show to sensitize the public, share information on or reaching out to talent yet to be discovered and been fully involved in pursuance of such goals.

It is with emphasis though that we are not going to overburden you as a volunteer but something we would want you to do with determination and willingness of purpose. Want to be participant as a Volunteer? Kindly contact us and we will gladly appreciate your interest click here 



We work hard to protect Talents well-being and fight for better services to them. But this wouldn’t be possible without your support. Find out more about our campaigns and how to join the fight today. We’re working to make sure existing Talents understand what they are currently entitled to, and that more people are aware of the benefit rewarded on innovation, creativity for the best Talent And we continue to campaign to make sure everybody in our society understand the important of Talented people in the society where they live, and to make sure they support them whichever way they can because the success of our societies, depends on how much we support these creative and innovative talents. so that through the work of their creativity and innovations, we can build companies and factories in them where thousands of our people can be opportune to work and earn a better income for a better live. Please click on the link to join our campaign and complete the contact form provided to join our campaign 


Partnering with Us

Working in partnership with us can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping to raise vital funds to fight and save the dying Talents. Saving talents means expanding your business circle where enormous opportunity dwells. to partner with us please email us at