This is another remarkable success story of the Frugal Empowerment Foundation as she provided various gift items and fed up 800 people. This includes Children, motherless Babies, widows etc. in Jos Plateau State. As part of the Frugal Charity initiative to support the needy and those in a crisis environment.

Note: Another  BIG Caring Saturday’s Event is coming up at





Prominent individuals, corporate bodies, organisations  and of course the beneficiaries (less privileged) are expected to participate on this event.

talented individuals from every industries are also expected to showcase their talents during the event

fashion designs made by the trainees of the charity will also be auction out same day

you want to contribute towards the upcoming event?

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Good afternoon. Please do not forget the CARING SATURDAY’s coming this week saturday the 28th of July 2018. At the Frugal Ekpoma Branch. Edo State. This day we appeal to those who have gift 🎁 for the poor to bring along and to those who have nothing to live on to come and receive. For more info please contact frugal on +447460433399.
You can also leave your gift at our UK branch

1c Woolwich New Road
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Thanks for your generosity


 Mrs Deborah Osagie Discharged From the hospital with the help of Frugal Empowerment Foundation 

thanks to donors who make this possible

How to help poor people Helping poor and needy people How to help the poor in your community  

Good news! £281 raised ,  Mrs Deborah Osagie with her Baby has been discharged from the hospital.

we wouldn’t do this without you(Donors) 

We thanks all those who showed their supports in making this posible. 

most especially the UK desporians,  People in her community and those who make their verious contributions from other part of the world. We are grateful for all your supports.

What Next? is to make sure, we continue to support Mrs Deborah through every means to enable her look after her child Baby Godwin. At Frugal Foundation, we do not feed and go but we empowered to enable beneficiaries get on with their lives

What we want to do next? The good news is that we discovered Mrs Deborah still have  younger sister who has been showing physical supports but was unable to do much due to her financial constraints. We believed if we able to raise little funds for her to enable her start up a little business with the help of her sister, she will be fine. This means, with this business mrs Deborah will be able to provide for herself as well as Baby Godwin. 

To our findings, mrs Deborah said with #240,000 (Eq: £500) will enable her sect up a little provision business. We also suggested if we construct a Well where customers are able to come and  buy a water through her will also be good because in her village only few residents has access to sell water especially during dry season. We knew constructing a Well cost quite a lot of money, but we have informed the Well constructor to come and give an estimate and when we have this information, we will pass it across to you.

For this reason, The Frugal Founder “Mr Peter Osezua will be Live on Facebook this Saturday 21st of July 2018 with fellow Trustees to conduct a fundraising program to generate funds for this course.

Please join us for this campaign. Whatever you are able to contribute for this disable sister will be much appreciated.

If you want to volunteer to raise fund for this lady please to not hesitate to let us know. 

Thanks for your generosity 


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for those who are not aware, this is an opportunity to contribute once again

more about Mrs Deborah on the link