Sewing machines donated by donors UK

  1. A van donation by the Founder Mr Peter landed in Nigeria as a way to facilitate various projects on ground


thank you all who made this possible.

Your continues support will means, we will be able to render our continuous supports to the beneficiaries. That is “the Needy, motherless Babies, Widows, the Talented individuals who have not gotten the financial backing they need to complete or run their projects


the Sew Apprenticeship Center is one of the Frugal initiative skills acquisition program where we engage our idle youths with various training programs to prepare them to respond positively to economic challenges.

this center is where we engage our youths who may not effort leaning fee. every training renter here is %100 free.
The overall aim of this initiative is to reduce unemployment and enhance income generation and sustainability to make the youths self reliant economically.
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