Our Aim-to Help the Poor

Ways to help to poor and needyWays to help the poorIt is with my upmost humility and pleasure to introduce you to Frugal Empowerment Foundation. Frugal Empowerment foundation is a nongovernmental organisation established with the primary aim to discover talents among the youths most especially in the developing countries and empower them through various FEF initiatives . Empowerment through Frugal Foundation -One-On-One Initiative identifies and unlock “latent abilities” and dexterity in the youths. The fundamental philosophy is rooted on the need to transform the economic direction of our youths from poverty to a successful position.
There are three basic initiatives which drives these (FEF)philosophy and which is geared at encouraging self discovery and self actualization in the youths to enable them become economically self-reliant and nation builders. The exponential growth in destitution, degradation and neglect among hapless  youths have occasioned their desperation for mindless emigration to other countries through the rough edges of harrowing experience and which are offensive to any human sensibilities and imaginations.
The situation is pathetic as it can be mindbogglingly. People dying incessantly due to starvation, poverty, illness arising from lack of adequate health care since they suffer from severe penury to take adequate care of their health. Our streets are inundated with children of the very poor hawking to support their parents financially where the sons and daughters of the more fortunate ones are sitting comfortably in schools to learn . Those poor families are easily predisposed to various king of health hazards due to ignorance about good health management and more to poverty since they do not have the financial leverage to take adequate care of themselves and their families. Needless to mention those who have no homes, that is the homeless; those who have long graduated but have not been able to secure any white collar job because of the bad state of the economy that have stifled industries and small businesses to operate.
As we speak or go through this write up , many of our young children, boys and girls dying in the desert, others, drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, in their desperate attempt to cross over to Europe for greener pastors which are non existent in the first place Those who manage to make it to their destinations are subjected to voluntary slavery in foreign land. Some of these desperate African migrant soon becomes disenchanted on discovery \ing that nothing greener about their new land of aboard or sojourn. And returning home becomes a nightmare. All these struggles stems from an attempt to escape from the unbridled economic injustices and degradation the youths continuously suffers and to reclaim their dignity and be recognized and appreciated for who they truly are as a race.
Each occasion we are confronted with such tragic economic realities, it reduces the image we portray as typical Africans with great potentials and the dignity we try to portray before the world. It diminishes the way other race are wont to looked at us and to deal with us in a patronizing manner to the detriment of our pride. This is because we have not started putting proper economic and political values in place; Values of originality, innovation, true political leadership and sound economic policies that will galvanize us out of this quagmire. We are yet to understand the language of unity as a game plan to catapult our vision to an enviable trajectory that will bring soccer to our youths. We have not supported one another enough to keep us with the same height with other races as equal partners in progress. But, rather, issues of religion, ethnicity, kleptomania and nepotism have been embedded in our body politics and allowed to fester unbridled. It is a dysfunctional disagreeable system that have continued over the years in our daily existence. We have not united to deal with our problems.
In fact, the list is endless.
But, we can not fold our arms and pretend that such stories are imagery. That is why the Frugal empowerment Foundation came into existence to see how some of these problems highlighted above can be curtailed or to provide solution to some of these nagging problems and to at least try and change-the narratives of our youths.It is therefore a wake up call to all and sundry to rise to the occasion by contributing his/her quota in changing the narratives that have held the Africans backward.
FEF belief that every individual and community are endowed with tremendous potentialities, capacities and resources for self discovery, actualization, national growth and development. That is why we have design three initiatives or strategic plans to pursuing and attaining these noble objectives. The first two initiatives are encapsulated under the following main initiative.
A): Inward Discovery Initiative(FIDI): This aims to work with African Youths to explore opportunities and rediscover their God given talents or natural abilities to excel and to profit from such abilities. These,among other objectives are the fulcrum of the FEF which can be achieved through its various initiatives: These are:
1): Talent Development Initiative(TDI) : This primarily target are the talented youths with technological skill or know-how for inventions. The strategby involves identifying and supporting youths with creative minds to produce devices or gadgets of material and economic value to their communities. In this way, we are helping to develop, expand and to sustain a lasting businesses around these inventions together with its value chain to create job opportunities and enhanced living standard among the armies of unemployed youths in our community. By this initiative, we hoped to be able to fight and reduce the hydra- headed problems of poverty, hunger and unemployment amongst our hapless youths.
2): Frugal Apprenticeship Initiative(FAI):
As part of our vision to alleviate poverty and help redefine the economic landscape of our youths through entrepreneurial effort, the Foundation is equally involved in empowerment programs for skill acquisitions to equip African youths with the needed skills or tools for meeting immediate and future economic challenges.
Under this initiative, the youths are trained on basic skills to make them economically relevant and viable. The essence is to encourage them to appreciate the value of entrepreneurship and to assist them develop a lasting and sustainable businesses. Added to this is that the apprenticeship is entirely free and it will afford, to a very large extent, the poor unemployed youths who have no means of training elsewhere due to lack of funds to train freely throughout the training period. It heartwarming to realize that the trainees are entitled to a stipend from time to time to support and encourage their learning process. We have already set up such a Centre where youths- boys and girls, converge on week days to learn sewing skills.It is situated at Ekpoma, Edo State. Consequently, it meant that hundreds or thousands of our hitherto idle youths will in time be taken off our streets to enable them work and live the true meanings of their dream and purposefulness; And to be useful not only to themselves but to families, communities and the nation at large in terms of productivity. This also meant that the narrative of the youths from idle,beggarly, helpless and unproductive nonentities to that of accomplishment and success. It also meant a reduction to the very barest minimum from criminality, illicit activities and other social vices which are prevalent among the youths.
In fact, the two initiatives are geared toward sharpening their business acumen and tailoring them to becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs.
3): The Frugal Charity Initiative(FCI):
This charity support Institutions or philanthropic establishment such as the orphanages, widows and victims of crisis situations or environments, Crisis settlement camps like IDP camps; also, we help natural disasters victims such as mudslides, floods, etc.
Basically, all these initiatives mentioned are a way of reaching out to the less privilege or the very vulnerable ones in our society. It is heartwarming to lo w that t
his initiative also covers the very needy or underprivileged ones of extreme poverty. They represent those who daily have no food to eat , no cloths or slippers to wear or are simply shoe less. They abounds in our streets, our communities,etc. The hard economic reality on the land have not helped the situation but rather, it has exacerbated their plight to a point of almost neglect my all. That is how bad the situation has become.
But, we are not resting out oars despite the grooming economic situations to close our eyes to the reality to the existence of these hopeless poverty stricken people by dedicating our time and resources to ensure that we are able to reach out for their comfort and happiness and to rekindle their hope and to make their lives worth living. As we daily go about solving as many of these challenges and making these categories of the indigent been re-humanised, we can but only be thankful to God for giving us the privilege to contribute our little quota to resolving some problems confronting humanity. In fact, the fulfilment we derive from such selfless gestures is unquantified, invaluable and and sublime. There is nothing that gives such fulfilment the realisation that somehow, somewhere you are stalking your neck out for those in desperate needs of food, water, clothes and shoes.
We want to explore the potentiality of our youths by supporting and encouraging them to tow the line of creativity so that their creative talents will not die in them.
we are working hard to change the economic landscape of the youths by empowering them through various apprenticeship program by training to enable them become less dependent and self-reliant economically. Therefore, we strives in helping to build a lasting and sustainable businesses toward making them the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is effected through Frugal Empowerment Initiatives.
The other aspects of this charity foundation is called save life initiative. Under this, we support less privileged families, charity institutions such as the motherless and fatherless baby’s home, widows necessities like food, water, clothing, and more that makes live worthwhile. In addition we provide assistance materially, financially to crisis environments as such as victims of natural disasters like mudslides, flood, hurricane, earthquake etc.